Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't be scared...

By now, most all wedding videography professionals have heard of and/or started shooting with the Canon 5d Mark ii. If you don't have one already and ready to make the leap, then you are probably struggling with the 5dmkii vs 7d dilemma. We went with 7d for the 24p capabilities. Whatever the final decision is, there is no doubt that you will achieve outstanding footage by using this new technology to shoot your wedding videos.

But to the brides we want to say, don't be scared!! If your videographer- the one you hired to produce a video- shows up on your wedding day with a still photography camera, don't freak out. He/she is probably following the latest movement in wedding cinematography. That's right. 1080p High Definition video is coming out of a camera that looks like what your photographer is using to take pictures. It may seem far-fetched, but the imagery coming out of these cameras is stunning. We are really excited to join the dslr movement (7d footage coming soon), but it's also important to remember that the equipment is not the only thing that makes a good cinematographer. It is what you do with the equipment and how you piece the footage together that tells the story. We love telling stories and finding brand new ways of conveying the meaning and emotion every time we shoot. So we are looking forward to seeing the new ways the dslr can help us produce beautiful wedding videos.

And to the photographers, us videographers mean no harm. We are sticking to what we do best- videos. We just happen to think your equipment is a little cooler than ours... at least for now.

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